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Inspiration from Finland - TEKES

State support for research may change the development of the whole country. One such example is Finland, which during the 1990s underwent a deep crisis but managed to reverse the negative trend. The subsequent restructuring of the economy was based on new industries and innovation.

TACR and the Finnish Agency TEKES have been communicating and exchanging experiences for several years. TEKES is similar to TACR but with a 30 year history which is based on an even older tradition.
From a certain perspective, Finland is a model country with the highest level of competitiveness and one of the strongest economies in the European Union in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. One reason is that Finland managed to transform into a knowledge intensive economy with a large proportion of hi-tech companies operating in various sectors. The high capacity for innovation (greatly encouraged by the government and non-profit organizations) and the entrepreneurship of the Finns are given as good starting conditions.

Finland has managed to create an almost ideal business environment with a large amount of space and support for innovation. Starting a business is easy and fast, people are educated and public funding for research and development is easily accessible.

TEKES says the greatest benefits for supporting research are:
Easy access to public funding for research and development, excellent knowledge transfer between universities and businesses, the availability of highly qualified engineers and scientists, sophisticated research infrastructure, IT knowledge.

This means that a dynamic network of large enterprises and small businesses, an effective working partnership between the public and private sector, which is only burdened with a minimum of bureaucracy are preferred for further processes in a competitive business environment. The economy is stable and the country is safe which also means a lot not only for Finnish subjects. International companies registered in Finland can obtain the same public finances as Finnish companies.

How much money does TEKES provide?
TEKES awards around 15 billion CZK annually to support of applied research (570 million in 2012), the population is about half of the Czech Republic. The volume of funds allocated to TACR in 2012 was 2.2 billion CZK.