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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR), as one of the governmental and non-governmental organizations supporting innovation and competitiveness, sees great opportunities in supporting the use of innovation and, in particular, the results of research in global markets.

The aim of the project entitled “Support for the Export of the Results of Research and Development” is to provide targeted consulting support to help selected research projects commercialize their research and innovation results. To this end, governmental and non-governmental organizations have joined together, and each year they select projects to which this targeted consulting support is provided. The following institutions collaborate within the framework of the current project: EGAP, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CzechTrade, CzechInvest, Czech Export Bank, Czech Chamber of Commerce, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic, International Chamber of Commerce, University of Economics and Česká hlava.

Similar projects are also in different stages of implementation in other countries. Inspiration can be taken from countries that are both members of TAFTIE and are among the innovative leaders, for example, Finland and their Team Finland (http://team.finland.fi/en/team-finland-in-brief). The following organizations collaborate as part of this network: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, and publicly funded organizations Finpro, Tekes, Finnvera, Finnfund, Finnpartnership, Finnish Industry Investment, VTT, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, the Centers for Economic Development, Transport and Environment, Finland’s cultural and academic institutes, the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

The whole project was pilot tested in the framework of the project Reg. No. CZ.1.04/4.1.00/D4.00003 “Strengthening the Activities of TA CR”, which was funded by the European Social Fund of the EU and a Methodology of Consulting for the Export of Research Results was prepared. More details about the project are provided in the Annual Reports prepared according to the developed methodology.