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During 2010 a number of steps were taken towards TACR joining the prestigious European Network of Innovation Agencies Taft and in December of the same year TACR was accepted as a news member of this network.

TAFTIE is the European Network of Innovation Agencies. Its members contribute a great deal to strengthening Europe’s economic performance by promoting innovation through the implementation of national and often international programmes in research, development and innovation.

Membership in the network provides TACR with access to an enormous source of information and experience, which can be used in further development and in the preparation of further programmes of applied research, experimental development and innovation. In addition to active involvement in the activities of the network and its working groups, TACR will be able to participate in shaping the strategy of the future form of the European Research and Innovation Area and promoting the competitiveness of member countries. Finally, employees of TACR attend seminars organized by the TAFTIE Academy, which helps participants gain practical knowledge and exchange experiences and also to develop the human resources of member organizations.