Foreign Partners
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Foreign Partners

(as of March 2016)
 Zhejiang Tong Xiang International Chamber of  Commerce  People's Republic of China  (Zhejiang Province)
 Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang  Province
 Science and Technology Department of Henan    Province  People's Republic of China  (Henan Province)
 Deyang-Guanghan High-Tech Industrial Zone  People's Republic of China  (Sichuan Province)
 Sichuan Investment Promotion Bureau (SIPB)
 Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee  (SIPAC)  People's Republic of China  (Jiangsu Province)
 Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and  Technology
 Korea Energy Agency   Republic of Korea
 Korea Institute for Industrial Technology (KITECH)
 Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology  (KIAT)
 Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and  Planning (KETEP)
 National Agency for Science and Engineering  Infrastructure (NASENI)  Federal Republic of Nigeria
 National Centre for Research and Development  (NCBR)  Republic of Poland
 Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA)  Slovak Republic
 National Science Foundation (NSF)  United States of America
 National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)  Kingdom of Thailand
 Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)  Taiwan
 State Agency for Technology Innovation (SATI)  Socialist Republic of Vietnam