Foreign Evaluators
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Foreign Evaluators

Welcome to the area of Technology Agency of the Czech Republic website which is dedicated to the foreign evaluator registration of the projects in public tenders.


For the registration in the TA CR evaluator database, you must first create an account in the ISTA Information System, its homepage is available on addess Once you sign up for the information system, you can proceed to the evaluator's registration itself (Tools>My Work list> I can start> Opponent registration).

Next step to be approved as an evaluator of TA CR is correct filling in the registration form (in ISTA).

Please pay particular attention to selecting the main and secondary fields of research and development classification which are corresponding to your professional orientation and expertise. Above all, based on these criteria, you will be assigned in the information system to evaluate specific project proposals.

It is also necessary to fill out the structured CV form, which is available HERE. Please make sure that the data in your CV are up to date and in full compliance with the fields of your expertise (filled in the registration form).

Evaluation process

Project proposals are evaluated from several different points of view. These include for example the assessment of goals setting, thematic focus, quality and level of expertise, and also the economic aspects. Both the project proposals and the evaluation form are availible in the ISTA.

You will be asked to confirm your participation in the evaluation process by e-mail at the moment of the call deadline. After the successful registration, you will be required to complete a mandatory e-learning course. The course will provide you with general information on the programme and the evaluation process. Your access data will be sent to the e-mail address you entered in the registration form.

Each evaluator will receive a success fee for processing the evaluation report of each project proposal. You will be informed about specific terms and conditions before signing the Framework Agreement which will be signed before you process the first evaluation report.

National Competence Centres 1 programme

The Programme is aimed at supporting long-term cooperation between the research and the application spheres and at strengthening the institutional basis of applied research. With a view to ensuring the long-term stability of the system, the National Centres of Competence 1 Programme will be followed by the National Centres of Competence 2 Programme for the period of 2020-2026.

The call for project proposals was announced in the spring of 2018. Project proposal evaluation by independent evaluators shall take place from June to August 2018.

The National Centres of Competence 1 Programme is actually only one programme of TA CR in which evaluation system are foreign evaluators involved. But we assume that they will be also able to participate in the evaluation of the project proposals applying for the EEA and Norway Grants (eventually from other upcoming programmes) in the very near future.


For technical issues with the form, please contact our Technical Support, for the other questions regarding the terms of cooperation and so on, use the email address .

We are looking forward to your cooperation.

The TA CR team