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BiodivClim “Biodiversity and climate change” Joint Call will open in September

BiodivERsA pre-announces the launch of its 2019-2020 Call on "BIODIVERSITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE".

This call will cover the following four non-exclusive themes:

  • Consequences of climate change on biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people
  • Climate-biodiversity feedback processes
  • Potential of nature-based solutions for mitigating and adapting to climate change
  • Synergies and trade-offs between policies on biodiversity, climate and other relevant sectors, and the role of agents of change

The call is planned to be launched on 2 September 2019, with a closing date on 10 April 2020 (and with a mandatory submission of pre-proposals by 5 November 2019) [Indicative schedule].

Scientific teams will be invited to form transnational research consortia with teams from minimum 3 countries participating in the call (including minimum two from EU Member States or EU Associated Countries) and be supported by at least three different Participating Organisations. Proposals have to be exclusively written in English. 

Looking for a partner or a project to join?

Use the BiodivERsA Partner Search Tool available here.

The research proposals will be evaluated across the following criteria:

  • Fit to the scope of the call, novelty of the research and transnational added value at step 1 (pre-proposal stage);
  • (Scientific) Excellence, quality and efficiency of the implementation and impact (including expected policy and/or societal impact and approach to stakeholder engagement) at step 2 (full proposal stage)

At this stage, the following countries have expressed a preliminary interest to participate to the call and reserved a total amount of over 23 Million euro:

Austria, Belgium, Brazil (Sao Paulo State), Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey

Successful Czech participants in projects will be funded by TACR from the “Prostředí pro život” programme with the total allocation of 1 640 000 EUR. 

The updated list of participating countries will be published on page of the BiodivERsA website and tacr.cz.